Bike Service

  • We are a full service shop. We can adjust your seat post or rebuild your busted wheel. Our friendly mechanics have the know how and more tools than any other monkeys in the area. Surf Monkey bikes can also build you a custom bike or restore your vintage bike to look and ride better than new. Get your next bike service done at Surf Monkey and save your bananas!


  • Free Air Pump to use if in need
  • Basic Flat Tire: $11.00
  • Bike Chains Rust Sealed $10.00 +($7 Labor)
  • Basic True-Wheel: $15.00
  • Cruiser Tune-Up: $30.00
  • Full Tune-Up: $60.00
  • Slime Tire Seal- (TO PREVENT A FLAT TIRE)
  • Overhaul: $100.00
  • Powder Cote Frame: $150.00

Repair Video

Slime for your Bike Tires to prevent getting a flat tire on the road. If you ride over a thorn or nail the slime will fill the hole in the tire and you will be able to finish out your ride.

Kalin will show you how to fix your tire coming off the rim of your bike. It's an easy fix and Kalin will walk you through how to make this repair your self. Pacific Beach Bike Repairs
Kalin shows you how to fix a loose chain. It is a simple repair and Kalin will walk you through each step to fixing your chain. Pacific Beach, San Diego Surf Monkey Bikes